Pee Wee Gaskins?

THE STORY SO FAR: Pee Wee Gaskins originally began as a solo project for Guitarist/vocalist/song writter Dochi Sadega on Ihcod Agedas in Mid 2007. After swelling to a full line up, we searched the internet for a new band name that’s catchy, fun, and deadly at the same time. And then we eventually tagged the words ‘serial killer’ to the search engine. we found ‘Donald Pee Wee Gaskins’ and the rest.. as they say.. was history. Pee Wee Gaskins creates a uniquely infectious blend of guitar-mangled, multy layered, melodic rock and catchy synthesizer melodies reminiscent of early the get up kids fused with fall out boy, which cases our effusive pop punk influenced sound. WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW ‘EM: Pee Wee Gaskins consist of 5 lads arising from south jakarta’s screamo/metal scene with heartpumping teenage hormons ready to rock the stage and doing all they can to have fun. Pee Wee Gaskins is here to have a good time, come and join them. YOU’LL LIKE IF YOU LIKE: Hellogoodbye / Motion City Soundtrack / The Get Up Kids “we’re just five mildly attractive dudes who enjoy everything about being in a band” -Sansan, Pee Wee Gaskins.

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  1. Ehmmmm….
    you’re the best,,

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